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NKO Global Security Solutions Inc is the leading risk mitigation firm you can trust to keep individuals protected. Although our headquarters is located in Iona, ID, we offer our services worldwide. We specialize in high-profile protection, corporate security, high-risk situations, and more.

Our team of quiet but outstanding professionals can handle anything, from event security to high-risk employee terminations. With years of experience and a passion for helping others, you can count on our team to keep you, your organization, or your event safe.

Security & Protection Services

Executive Protection/High Profile Protection

With our security specialists, we can provide around-the-clock protection. Our teams have extensive experience in military and private sector work and will meet any requirements you may want. Whether safety is needed abroad or at home, we have advanced professionals who can handle any situation. We take the time to gather intelligence on the venue so our clients can have a smooth transition when moving to any venue they wish. Our professionals are discreetly present to ensure no distractions, empowering clients who need all their energy focused on whatever matters most.

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Event Security

We’re here to make your events run smoothly with minimal issues and mitigate risk. We provide event organizers with protective specialists to assess venues’ risks, threats, and vulnerabilities to ensure safety. Our professionals implement security measures to create a stress-free environment where people can enjoy themselves without worrying about safety hazards such as theft, vandalism or acts of violence. We also strive to have a working relationship with local authorities to ensure each event runs as smoothly as possible.
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Security Consulting

We evaluate the security needs of our clients and their businesses to construct an effective, proactive program that mitigates risk. We analyze threats with recommendations for improvement or new policy creation while maintaining objectivity in our assessments. Our professionals help clients and businesses improve their current operating procedures to establish a safer environment for all. Our consulting services also provide our clients with an objective, third-party evaluation of existing security operations.

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Corporate Security

Allow our team to work with you to structure a proactive corporate security program and provide lead executive protection managers. We offer risk, threat, vulnerability assessments, and real-time intelligence analysis to combat any threats to the corporation or its executives. Working with our professionals, we can hinder any threat to your corporation when we mitigate potential risks that could harm your company.

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On-site Security

Establish high-level security measures for your corporation, organization, or other facilities with on-site security from our team. Our experienced staff will ensure the premise is secure and patrol the property at your discretion. We offer around-the-clock monitoring, building inspection for threats, and access point supervision. Our goal is to help prevent losses or damage by reporting irregularities, informing violators of policy, and restraining trespassers.

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Hostile Termination

We can administer a high-risk employee termination to keep managers and authorities protected from potentially harmful employees. An employee is considered high-risk if they are likely to pose a risk of harm to themselves or others. The risk can be highest at the time of termination or in the hours or days surrounding the release. Terminations are stressful events if it involves an employee who has made threats involving violence against others. Allow us to be there to protect you in those situations.

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For more information about our security and protection services, please contact us at 208-227-3774 today!

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