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Executive Protection

We provide our clients with protection specialists, which provide around the clock security. Whether traveling abroad or at home, our teams can meet any requirements our clients have. Our teams have extensive experience in the military, government and private sector. We can provide covert protection or provide an advanced team to gather intelligence on the venue so our clients can have a smooth transition when moving to any venues that they wish. Our professionals work discretely to provide a distraction free environment for our clients, empowering them to focus on what’s important.

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Secure Travel Services

We provide our clients with professional security drivers, route planning and advanced reconnaissance on any venues our clients my visit. With our advanced planning, clients can move smoothly from venues and focus their time on the task at hand. Our professionals are available worldwide.

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Event Security

We provide event organizers with protective specialists to assess the risk, threat and, vulnerabilities of the venue. Our professionals implement security measures to provide a safe and stress free environment to the guests. We also strive to have a working relationship with local authorities to ensure each event runs as smoothly as possible.

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Residential Security

Often times, residential security is integrated within our Executive Security plan but is also available as a stand-alone service. We customize a plan to meets the needs of our principles and their families by creating a two-speared approach of manpower and technology.

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Intelligence Analysis

An important aspect of Executive protection that is often over looked, but a crucial part of any security plan are threats that cannot be seen or physically combated. They are cyber threats, branding threats, or internal operational threats. Our professionals will analyze the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities to our clients and their businesses and create a comprehensive plan to ensure their future security. We can also provide real time intelligence on venues and cities that our clients may visit.

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Security Consulting

We evaluate the security needs of our clients and their businesses to construct an effective and proactive security program. We analyze the risk, threat, and vulnerabilities and provide recommendations to mitigate the risk to the client or their business. Clients and businesses can utilize our security consulting to improve their current standard operating procedures or establish new ones. Our consulting services also provide our clients with an objective, third-party evaluation of current security operations.

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Corporate Security

We assist corporations to structure a proactive corporate security program and provide lead executive protection managers and a team of specialists as needed. With a combination of our other services, we provide risk, threat, and vulnerability assessments and real time intelligence analysis to combat any threats to the corporation or its executives. Our teams will work with the corporation to manage or mitigate any threat that can hinder the resilience and continued survival of a corporation.

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Government Security Services

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