-CEO Luis “Noah” Olivas-

Luis “Noah” Olivas was born and raised in Idaho. At the young age of 20 he enlisted in the United States Army. Shortly after his enlistment date 9/11 happened and he soon found himself deployed to Iraq. He was part of the initial Brigade Combat Team that first entered Iraq and secured the Saddam Hussein International Airport, later known as Baghdad International Airport. He would spend the next 8 years in the military developing life-long friendships and honing a skill set that would prepare him for his life-long career. After his honorable discharge he moved back to Idaho and spent almost 5 years working in Law Enforcement. He later turned his military and law enforcement experience into a career in private military contracting.  In the last six years he has had the opportunity to learn how to foster the relationship between the private sector and military sector.


For the last 16 years he has obtained both domestic and overseas experience in the military and law enforcement arenas, he has continuously furthered and excelled in his leadership skills. He is confident in his abilities as a leader and as a communicator. He has built NKO as a tool in which to provide both private and government clientele with his unique brand of security expertise.