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When you need the highest level of protection, turn to our professionals at NKO Global Security Solutions Inc. Based in Southeast Idaho, we offer security solutions to an extensive range of clients worldwide. We can handle any level of protection, from high-profile protection to security guard services for events.

Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced individuals who promote professionalism and quality service through every job. We are passionate about helping the Eastern Idaho community, keeping people safe, and ensuring security.

About Us

Being a veteran-owned and operated risk mitigation firm, we know what it takes to protect and serve our clients. Whether handling the safety of a high-net-worth individual or a non-governmental organization, we provide the highest level of service to all clientele.

We proudly serve individuals throughout the world and are capable of traveling for special services. Our extensively experienced Protective Specialists team has served in various law enforcement, military, and government contracting capacities.

Our Story

NKO Global Security Solutions was created to protect and serve within the private sector and the government sector. Our CEO Luis “Noah” Olivas, has spent the last 21 years working within this industry in various capacities. His dream for NKO came from a desire to merge all he has learned and experienced in his years as an Army Combat Engineer, a local police officer, and a private military contractor. These experiences led him to create a firm capable of offering top-of-the-line security services for both the private and public sectors.

NKO knows that the key to this dream is our protection specialists. Throughout the last 21 years of our CEO’s career, he has met and developed relationships with some of the industry’s most highly trained and experienced people. By having a network of skilled individuals at our fingertips, we can provide the most customizable program for our clients.

We are excited to forge a new path within this industry and change the way security is handled. We have created a family of specialists ready to take this journey with us and help us build our own brand of service. One we are proud to bring to all of our clients.


CEO Luis “Noah” Olivas

Event Security in Iona, ID & Worldwide | NKO Global Security Solutions Inc

Luis “Noah” Olivas was born and raised in Idaho. At the young age of 20, he enlisted in the United States Army. Shortly after his enlistment date, 9/11 happened, and he soon found himself deployed to Iraq. He was part of the initial Brigade Combat Team that first entered Iraq and secured the Saddam Hussein International Airport, later known as Baghdad International Airport. He would spend the next 8 years in the military developing life-long friendships and honing a skill set that would prepare him for his life-long career. After his honorable discharge, he moved back to Idaho and spent almost 5 years working in law enforcement. He later turned his military and law enforcement experience into a career in private military contracting. In the last 11 years, he has had the opportunity to learn how to foster the relationship between the private sector and the military sector.

For the last 21 years, Noah has obtained domestic and overseas experience in the military and law enforcement arenas. He has continuously furthered and excelled in his leadership skills. He is confident in his abilities as a leader and as a communicator. He has built NKO as a tool to provide both private and government clientele with his unique brand of security expertise.

Contact us at 208-227-3774 to learn more about our company and what we can do for you.

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